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An African Salad: Supplier of All Things Beautiful!
Much like our beautiful continent of Africa, we provide a diverse ‘salad’ of wonderful and exciting products. Our philosophy is to create (and collaborate with other suppliers) to give you exclusive access to products you won’t find anywhere else. Our suppliers are predominantly based in Africa, and best of all, every sale gives back to a community cause. Now that is guilt-free shopping!
Our goal at An African Salad is to create beautiful products that can contribute to real change in Africa. We want to help build social awareness of our magnificent continent and people while adhering to a ‘local is lekker’ policy. From Africa, for Africa and about Africa. 
Our shop is geared towards kids, ladies and gents’ apparel, gifts and décor. So whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. We've already done the grind work testing our products and taking note of what works, thus enabling us to provide you with a range of quality curated goods. We’ve also put our money where our mouth is. We’ve been using, developing and researching our products for quite a while – we know what we’re talking about and what’s worth buying.
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